Welcome to my new home!

I built my first website back around 1996, but I never really kept up on developments in web design and construction. WordPress and a blog style sight seems like it will fit my needs just fine. I plan, as I learn this new tool, to introduce and make available my effect pedals as I produce them as well as post general thoughts and news on what I am working on or experimenting with in my effects related endeavors.

I have not made a final decision on how I will make my pedals available, but I do have a few listed on ebay at the moment. This may or may not change. I’m also considering etsy as well as just putting them here with a paypal link. Time will tell. Till then, see some here:


If it’s possible, I hope to create a few different categories for these blog posts. Those for general info, like a “about me” page. One for news on experiments or special projects and another for what pedals are actually done and for sale. At this time I have some sound clips hosted at soundcloud, but that may change as well. I’m still learning a lot about recording the best clips I can with the limited tools I have to hand. There will be a blog post or two about that soon. Till then, I’d recommend the most recently recorded clip as my best so far and pretty truly representative of the pedal’s actual sound. That’s my new Fz-1 Fuzztone clip. You can hear it at the auction for said pedal on my ebay link above.

So, that gets me started. More soon, especially if I find I can update this with my antiquated laptop (tethered to my cellphone for net access) from home. We live without cable and internet at home these days in an effort to simplify life and force us into more “rewarding” endeavors when not at work.



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