Pedals Currently Available

9-27-2013 Update:

I’ll be working this weekend to get these finished and up on ebay….the newest batch. There will be more mojo pedals coming after that.


8-15-2013 Update:

Must keep this short due to time constraints, but there is one new “mojo” build available on ebay right now. This time it is of the germanium Mosrite Fuzzrite variety and uses 2N2613 and 2N408 transistors done using tagboard construction. Check it out:



7-29-2013 Update:

Just stopping in quickly to say there are some new pedals up today, including the all new modified Shin-Ei FY-2 Companion Fuzz. Check them out on eBay!


6-12-2013 Update:

Relisted the op-amp Muff and added my newest Fz-1 Fuzztone today on ebay. Have a look:



5-30-2013 update:

Currently have four available on ebay:

A Op-Amp 1978 Muff:

IMG_1268c_zps57345e4b IMG_1271c_zpscfce5973

A MkI style Sola Sound Tone Bender:

IMG_1190crop_zps8e68b768 IMG_1191crop_zpsa6e83e73

A MarkII style Sola Sound Tone Bender:

IMG_1186crop_zps702d3757 IMG_1187crop_zpsb1c2e7ca

And a Germanium Mosrite Fuzzrite clone with modifications:

IMG_1182crop_zps96d530ff IMG_1183crop_zps7a2385b3

5-10-2013 update:

New Fz-1 available now. Added some recent customer comments/reviews in this listing as well, look for them in bold down the listing a ways:


IMG_1263c IMG_1260c



At this time I am listing any pedals that are currently available on ebay. You can see them here:

I will try to immediately update the website when I list something new or have made any changes to a listing.


One thought on “Pedals Currently Available

  1. With The Seeds premiering their documentary and the complete overhauling of their catalogue, it would seem like a good time to put out a “Jan Savage” model, like the one I just bought, “Lowbrow Effects special mojo Germanium FuzzRite with correct RCA transistors !” I’m sure he’d be a reasonably-priced endorsement and you’d sell quite a few.

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