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  1. Hi,

    I’ve come across your pedals on ebay, really keen to buy the fz-1 – I understand you don’t do orders, but is there any chance you have a mkii tonebender coming, so i could buy both and save on postage? (I’m from Australia).
    Thanks in advance!


    • Hi Andrew,

      All the pedals I have for sale are always on ebay. When something sells, I start on a replacement almost immediately. I have a Fz-1 and MkII Tonebender underway right now and should have them listed within the next week. If you would like to get them, watch for them there, or contact me directly and we can work out the arrangements. My direct e-mail is at the top of this page.


  2. Can you build a fuzz and then make a graphic on the front of a woman spreading her pussy lips/labia ? I am looking for something in the style that you offer, but also semi-realistic.

    Thanks for your time,


    • I’ve had requests for this before, actually. At this time, my stance is…I’m not really looking to do custom artwork. However, I have done custom work in the past and from time to time will consider it. Summer is slower for me, so that’d be the time to hit me up…

  3. Hi,

    I have a GGG Tycho octave fuzz in an enclosure that is approximately 4.5″ x 3.75″. It has two foot switches for fuzz and add octave. I like to stack it with an OD following it (EWS Brute Drive) and while the octave fuzz is perfect I could use a bit more treble on the regular fuzz. My tech said that perhaps you could build a pedal on a Velo board with a Rangemaster as part of the fuzz and that I should send my Tycho for you to do this. The Dist/Octave switch has unused contacts for “turning off” the treble boost when the octave is engaged as I wouldn’t want the treble boost on the octave effect.

    Is this something you could do? How much would it cost and how long might it take?

    Thanks, Paul

    • I’d recommend hitting up one of the three DIY effect boards and looking for someone there who might take on your project…I’m not normally keen on modifying existing pedals…sorry

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